Amaranth products in animal husbandry

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In modern animal husbandry, not only the caloric content of feed is important, but also its balance, the ability to strengthen immunity, resist infectious diseases, and increase resistance to unfavorable environmental factors.

The inclusion of amaranth in compound feed is justified - the plant has a high yield, therefore, the composition does not rise in price. Green mass, cake, grain enrich the mixture with useful substances and increase its nutritional value. This supplement is a unique complex of amino acids. The effectiveness of feed with amaranth has been proven - piglets, rabbits, nutria or chickens grow 2-3 times faster. In individuals, the increase in live weight is 10-30% more than usual, milk yield in goats and cows increases by 19%.

Amaranth oil is in demand when creating food for pets - cats and dogs. It is added to nutritional supplements - the component stimulates performance and strengthens the immune properties of the body of pets.
the use of amaranth in animal husbandry, amaranth in feed production, production of compound feed from amaranth, amaranth accelerates the growth of animals, amaranth strengthens the immunity of animals
By adding amaranth to the food, the animals have strong immunity
In animal husbandry, feed containing amaranth oil normalizes metabolic processes, promotes health and normalizes the growth process of individuals.

The dosage for the introduction of amaranth supplements depends on the type of animal. On average, a goat will need 2 kg, a cow - 5-6 kg. The cost of milk decreases, its fat content increases (by 2-3%).
the use of amaranth in animal husbandry, amaranth in feed production, production of compound feed from amaranth, amaranth accelerates the growth of animals, amaranth strengthens the immunity of animals
With amaranth, piglets have a live weight gain of 10-30% more than usual
The production of 1 kg of butter or cheese requires a smaller displacement. The strengthening effect of the supplement on the animal body is important:
  • The state of immunodeficiency is prevented
  • Liver cells resist toxins
  • No abrupt age-related changes, increased resistance to infections, natural factors
  • Inflammatory processes are prevented, tissue regeneration becomes accelerated
When feeding pigs, the proportion of amaranth flour should be 25-30% of the total amount of food. This approach is the organization of timely prevention of metabolic problems in animals and other pathological conditions.

When growing broilers, amaranth herbal flour is needed in the amount of 6-8% of the feed volume. Laying hens need more additives - up to a maximum of 12%. Even the introduction of 3 percent flour into the diet increases the number of eggs by almost 10%. Oil cake in broiler feed absolutely replaces rapeseed and sunflower. It is safe. There is no risk of overdosing as when calculating rapeseed.
Amaranth is used as a source of carotene and calcium for chickens. You can use grass meal or green mass in combination feed for layers. After a few weeks, the plumage of the bird acquires a yellowish tint. The strength of the shell, egg production, hatchability of young animals increases. As a part of wheat and barley mixed feed, the use of this plant makes amino acids bioavailable, maintains high productivity of poultry.

The supplement is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids.
chickens grow faster with amaranth, amaranth oil use in animal feed
Chickens grow faster with amaranth
Previously, the deficiency of substances was compensated by wheat, but amaranth is cheaper and more effective.In feed for animals and birds are used: grain, oilcake or meal, herbal granules or flour.

Amaranth green mass can be included in the combined silo. The nuance is that you cannot add grain to pigs in an unmilled form. Its shell does not dissolve in the digestive system of the animal, there is no expected effect. It is necessary to crush the grain mass.

Due to the increased protein content, the plant can be used as a partial replacement for soybeans. Amaranth does not irritate the digestive tract of living creatures; it is considered a safe class 4 plant. Researchers have noted the bactericidal, antioxidant effect of amaranth oil.

The inclusion of a plant in the diet of animals and birds is expedient from an ecological point of view because amaranth does not accumulate toxins contained in the soil and air. There are more nutrients in the stems, seeds, leaves than in the usual cereals.
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