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Amaranth Seed Oil Benefits

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The use of Amaranth is recommended by the World Health Organization and is more often used in cooking and for the prevention of diseases. Amaranth oil and amaranth products are successfully used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical, and other industries. Also, due to its beneficial properties, amaranth oil, seeds, flour and amaranth cake are used in animal husbandry and poultry farming. Amaranth is able to increase the weight of animals and birds, as well as enhance immunity against diseases. It is often used in the industrial production of animal feed (feed for dogs and cats and compound feed for birds).

The demand for the use of Amaranth products (including cold pressed amaranth oils) in manufacturing and animal husbandry is growing every year, thanks to the complete active elements and nutrients. Amaranth oil has a high value not only because of its composition, but also due to its safety for the environment, as to obtain the necessary vitamins, fatty acids and squalene, you do not need to extract them from animals and kill sharks.

You can see a more detailed chemical composition of amaranth here.
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With the development of vegetarianism and the use of natural products in food, there is a growing need to expand the scope of healthy diet. Amaranth, in turn, can become a leader in obtaining useful and important substances for life without harming the environment.

Amaranth seed oil is of natural origin and is approved for food consumption, in the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and does not contain parabens, preservatives, UV filters and dyes. Our amaranth oil and other products do not contain or come into contact with ingredients of animal origin, both during cultivation and production, and during transportation and storage.

Amaranth seed oil, as well as all plant products that we offer, including seeds, flour, seeds and rose petals, do not contain genetically modified organisms and do not use auxiliary substances and processing agents with GMO inclusions in their production.

Organic and regular vegetable oil is gluten free and does not come in contact with foods that contain gluten. Therefore, it is in demand in nutrition and products for diabetics, allergy sufferers, vegetarians and people who care about their health.

We are a direct supplier of natural herbal products that meet all the requirements and regulations of the European Union for safe ingredients of natural origin. Our raw materials go through all stages of quality control before packaging and shipment to the consumer.

We care about our customers, so we accompany you from the moment of purchase to the moment you receive our products and will gladly answer all your questions.

We are committed to long-term and regular cooperation and support of the wellbeing of the environment and health.
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