Сomposition of nutrients in amaranth

Amaranth is a cult plant of the Incas, who considered it their main cereal. Later it came to Asia, and today different varieties grow on all continents. A beautiful herbaceous plant is valued for its content of macro- and microelements, vitamins and a huge list of nutrients.

This valuable oil has a unique composition and is rich in bioavailable elements. Pharmacists note that the product contains up to 70% of poly- and monounsaturated acids and 9% of phospholipids, as well as about 8% of squalene.
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The component is still in shark liver, but its extraction in this way is expensive and unethical. In addition, many vitamins, other components that are easily absorbed by the body and saturate cells with oxygen. The chemical composition of amaranth oil is ideal.
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It is a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids:

2-5% OMEGA-3 - linolenic acid

49-50% OMEGA-6 - linoleic acid

23-24% OMEGA-9 - oleic acid

Amaranth also contains stearic (4%) and palmitic (19%) acids.

The vitamin complex is impeccable. The oil contains micronutrients E, A, B, C, P, which have a beneficial effect on the formation of nerve fibers and are maximally absorbed by the cells. Vitamin E (tocopherol) in a special semi-split form, due to which it is absorbed faster and its antioxidant properties are 40 times stronger than that of a standard pharmaceutical preparation. Its content is 0.3%.
Lipid fractions account for up to 11%. The unique composition is supplemented by phosphorus-containing substances - 0.1%. 100 g of the product contains 7.61 mg of iron. There are also other elements - potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, copper, zinc. The seeds of the plant contain 13 to 21% of an easily digestible protein, which remains in the oil produced by cold pressing.
Each of the ingredients in amaranth oil is contained in a bioavailable form that has a beneficial effect on all body systems and metabolic processes.

Squalene from amaranth - a participant in the synthesis of vitamins A and D, promotes cell renewal. It maintains membrane elasticity, stimulates intracellular metabolic processes. This substance prevents mutations - this property reduces the risk of cancer. Squalene has an anti-inflammatory effect. It increases the body's resistance to stress factors, and also helps to resist attacks of viruses and pathogenic microflora. It helps to strengthen the immune system, accelerates tissue regeneration - wounds heal faster, inflammatory processes are stopped.

Fatty polyunsaturated acids improve the general condition of the body and stimulate the formation of healthy cells. Acids have a beneficial effect on the process of digestion and delivery of the necessary nutrients to the organs.

Carotenoids are involved in the formation of natural vitamin A, increasing the immune-boosting effect of the oil. They influence the formation of bone tissue, support the structure of the eyes, and are important for the correct functioning of the reproductive organs.

Phytosterols prevent the manifestations of diabetes mellitus and are involved in the synthesis of hormones and bile.

Bioavailable calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium help in tissue renewal, they strengthen all body systems and stimulate metabolic processes.

Fresh cold-pressed amaranth oil is unique in its composition. It will help everyone take a step towards health and longevity.