Products of Amaranth Produkte GmbH & Co. KG

Thanks to our technology for the production of flour and presscake, they retain the most useful composition.
High-quality flour can not only improve the taste of the dish, but also give incredible benefits to the body. We, Amaranth Produkte GmbH & Co. K, in production use the best flour milling equipment for perfect grinding of seeds.

Also in the range of our products there is presscake. It contains a high protein content and is therefore used as an additive to animal feed. The amaranth presscake of our company is in the Positive List.

Flour and cake

Amaranth flour
Amaranth flour is rich in useful and medicinal composition that helps to improve metabolism. Flour helps digestion, protects the cardiovascular system and strengthens the body.

Flour contains high-quality protein, amino acids and essential minerals that cannot be produced by the body and must come from food. Amaranth flour is rich in vegetable protein and complex carbohydrates for the slow breakdown of glucose in the body.
Amaranth presscake
Thanks to our press, the presscake is gently produced by cold pressing, without adding heat. This allows you to save valuable ingredients.

Presscake contains a high protein content, therefore it is used as additives to animal feed.

Animals that receive healthy and wholesome nutrition live a happy life, thereby bringing the highest quality end product. The amaranth presscake of our company is in the Positive List.
Hemp flour
Hemp flour is rich in vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals.

It includes 20 amino acids, 9 of which are irreplaceable, so the human body does not synthesize them. In terms of amino acid composition, hemp flour is similar to chicken egg and soy protein.

Hemp flour contains coarse dietary fiber and pectin, which heals and cleanses the body of various harmful substances, as well as restores the intestinal microflora.

Flour is suitable for regular use in food, as well as for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
Almond flour
The composition of almond flour includes all the micro and macro elements necessary to maintain bone health: phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and calcium. Almonds also contain vitamin E and B vitamins. At the same time, the flour retains all useful substances even after heat treatment.

A particular benefit of almond flour is that it contains virtually no gluten. It successfully positively affects the human digestive system and helps to remove toxins from the body.