Amaranth oil in food industry

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The Amaranth plant is a vegan product that is a source of nutrients. The World Health Organization recommends the use of amaranth products to obtain the necessary norm for the body of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein.

Cold pressed amaranth oil retains its biological value and is the leader in squalene content (up to 8%). It is a plant-based, environmentally friendly alternative to fish oil and squalene from deep sea shark liver. Amaranth seed oil is similar in amino acid composition to the composition of "ideal protein" and whole milk.
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Recent studies have shown that natural enhancers such as squalene ensure complete absorption of active ingredients and help reduce cancer risk.
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For people on a vegetarian diet, amaranth oil is a source of the essential omega-3 fatty acid DHA.

Athletes use Amaranth products as a base or supplement for superfoods and nutritional supplements. Amaranth is used as a muscle building supplement due to its high content of protein, vitamins and amino acids.

When growing amaranth, no chemicals are used; therefore it is more often in demand among allergy sufferers and people who care about health. The oil does not cause negative feelings and is easily perceived even by children. Amaranth contains no gluten, so flour and seeds are used in bread mixes, cakes, smoothies, cereals and soups. Amaranth is also used as an ingredient in marinades, vegan burgers, and meat and sausages.

Fresh amaranth oil is used to prevent diseases and to improve the taste of dishes. That is why Amaranth oil is used in restaurants due to its original nutty taste and usefulness. Regular consumption of pure amaranth oil will give you the necessary amount of protein, squalene, omega-3, -6, -9 fatty acids for beauty and health.
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