Strengthening immunity with amaranth

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Amaranth is an ancient cereal crop grown in South America by the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans 8 millennia ago. Indian tribes ate the roots, seeds and leaves of this amazing plant. So there was a natural strengthening of immunity with the help of amaranth. In Greece, amaranth is considered a symbol of immortality. This is not surprising, because its main quality is to strengthen the immune system.

Amaranth products such as bread, flour, grains, cereals and superfoods are now used to restore the immune system.
Amaranth oil plays a primary role in the production of drugs to strengthen the immune system. It restores vision, lowers cholesterol, fights atherosclerosis, regenerates the skin, helps restore the digestive tract, and it is a first aid tool for periodontal disease and stomatitis.

The list of active substances in amaranth oil for strengthening the body is very significant. First of all, these are oleic, linolenic and linoleic acids, which improve cholesterol metabolism. Also, the medicinal oil contains the entire list of vitamins A, group B, C, D, E, K, PP.

The active ingredient squalene deserves special attention. It is a special carbohydrate that is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of cholesterol.
Copper and iron - promote collagen formation, aid in energy production, and break down toxins.

Zinc - participates in the production of proteins and DNA, restores muscles, promotes wound healing, helps fight viruses and bacteria, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, regulates hormones.

Manganese, magnesium, phosphorus - work for the formation of bone tissue and regulate cellular metabolism.

Potassium, sodium - supply the brain with oxygen, lower blood pressure, and control the immune system.

Iodine and selenium - control hormonal levels and affect reproductive function, metabolism, development, mood.

Germanium - improves immunity, fights cancer.

Other nutrients include lysine, carotene, protein, and natural antibiotics.

Amaranth oil is used prophylactically in the amount of 2-3 tablespoons per day. If you want to boost immunity, then take it ½ tsp. three times a day. You can calculate the dose in a different way - 10 drops of oil are needed per 1 kg of weight.

The drug has some contraindications. It is recommended to limit the use of amaranth oil for people suffering from urolithiasis; cholecystitis; diarrheal syndrome; disruption of the pancreas.
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