The best offer to advertise your business
Cross Marketing across QR
Using the QR code in promoting your business, you will increase the popularity of your company and achieve your goals
QR code is unobtrusive and effective marketing
The current trend of the modern world. Be in the trend of current marketing techniques and achieve tangible success in promoting your business
  • Recommend your company
    By advertising your QR, you will significantly increase your opportunities and increase sales
  • Quick access to assortment
    Quickly and easily show the customer the entire range of your company's products
  • Quick Response
    With the help of easy management, you save the buyer's time and thereby increase the chance of selling your product
How it works?
You leave your data on our website
We discuss all the details of a mutual transaction. You can ask any question you are interested in about our cooperation
You provide your QR
You provide us with your QR code with your company logo in the highest quality. We recommend that you follow the example
We are posting a QR code
You make a payment and we place your company's QR on our page for an agreed period
What will you get?
  • By distributing your QR between companies, you increase the recognition of your company and increase the potential for successful transactions

    By using the distribution of a QR code in your marketing, you increase the efficiency of your company and save time and money on advertising
Anatoli Juschin
Cross Marketing across QR - The best offer to advertise your business