Registration according to VO (EG) 183/2005

Our company Amaranth Produkte GmbH & Co. KG has been included in the register and is listed there under the following number: 06 532 006 3604

Positive list of feed materials of "Amaranth presscake"

The Commission for the Standardization of Compound Feed /"Normenkommission Einzelfuttermittel" considered the application of our company for the inclusion of "Amaranth presscake" /„Amaranthkuchen" dated 06.02.2017 and decided to include it in the positive list under the newly defined item 25.02.02 "Amaranth presscake" /„Amaranthkuchen".

The changes took effect immediately. They were published as part of the next supplement to the 12th edition of the positive list.